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Multi-Port Fuel Injection Pressure Tester System with Quick Couplers for Domestic & Foreign Vehicles

SKU: 56200
  • Tests the gasoline fuel pressure on virtually all domestic and foreign vehicles equipped with Multi-port fuel injection. 
  • Tests Throttle Body Injection (TBI) systems on most Chrysler and Ford vehicles.
  • Supplied with instructions in a vinyl pouch.

    • Adapter for large Schrader valves.
    • Adapter for Ford Multi-port (EFI) and throttle body systems.
    • Adapter for Honda vehicles.
    • 4 piece Banjo Bolt Adapter Set: 8mm-1.00, 10mm-1.00, 12mm-1.25 and 12mm-1.50 for testing Asian and European Multi-port vehicles.
    • Assorted hoses, fittings and clamps to test older vehicles.
    • 2 1/2" diameter gage with hang-up hook has dual scale - measures 100 PSI and 7 BAR.
    • Bleed-off valve and 6 foot hose to safely depressurize system after completion of test.