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Strut Alignment Level

SKU: 61800
  • Use this simple level to restore a vehicle's camber setting after strut repair or installation.
  • Allows technician or customer to safely drive the vehicle before a more precise wheel alignment can be performed.
  • Also useful for repairs on CV joints, ball joints and tie rod ends.

    Features includes:
  • Super strong magnet - mounts on brake rotor, spindle or steering knuckle.
  • Easy to read, unbreakable bubble level.
  • Camber settings from -3° to +3° for additional adjustment.
  • Works on all vehicles equipped with MacPherson struts.
  • Can remain on the vehicle during repair or can be removed.
  • Easy to use - (1)Place on rotor before repair and zero the level. (2)Tighten the wing nut. (3)After the repair, push or pull on the strut until the level returns to the zero position.