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5 Pc. Body Forming Punch Set

SKU: 89360
  • These punches fit where your hammer will not
  • Use to form body panels in hard to reach areas
  • Great for tight clearance spots, crevices and corners
  • Polished and hardend surfaces to form sheet metal with precision
  • 5 profiles to fit the job
  • The most popular needed profiles and shapes 
  • Use to form curves, contours and radiuses
  • Reaches far into panels and structural members to form sheet metal
  • 12" Overall length
  • For use on:
    • Door panels
    • High crown panels
    • Interior parts of body panels
    • Fenders
    • Rear quarter panels
    • Trunk lids
    • Frames
  • Includes: 89361, Round Body Forming Punch; 89362, Square Body Forming Punch; 89363, Bumping Body Forming Punch; 89364, Offset Bumping Body Forming Punch; and 89365, Radial Chisel Body Forming Punch